Who we are

Timeless Media is a dedicated video production company established in 2021, committed to bringing your creative vision to life through innovative solutions. Our fundamental goal is to create timeless content and provide specialized services tailored to athletes and businesses, helping you achieve your unique objectives.

The origin of the name "Timeless Media" stems from the founder's faith in Christ. The concept behind it is that when a moment is captured, regardless of its age, it becomes a means of time travel, and the memory it holds remains eternally vibrant.

At Timeless Media, we hold our clients’ vision in high regard. Our approach is consistently collaborative, and our commitment to transparency and honesty is unwavering. We aim to bring value to businesses and Athletes who recognize their worth and seek our services.


I’m Thompson Auguste, the Founder and Owner of Timeless Media. My passion for video production and editing ignited when I was just 14 years old. More recently, I’ve developed a keen interest in investing and business entrepreneurship, aspiring to become a serial entrepreneur. My vision for Timeless Media is to lead a media company with strong ethical values, prioritizing our clients and delivering value to them through our exceptional video services.


A Few of our clients